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Mark Goodwin:  Mark is a singer, songwriter, headliner and guitarist who hails from Parkersburg, West Virginia.  After a successful childhood and adolescent growth period, he picked up and moved to Cincinnati to expand his musical horizon.  After a stellar solo career, he played with Mr. Black, and Ne’er Do Well before establishing himself as the creative force behind the musical nuance of Triple Dead Heat.  Listen carefully and shades of West Virginia can be heard in Triple Dead Heat’s American rock rhythms and Mark’s glistening lead guitar.  While this is not widely known, it appears that Mark and Bob Huggins traded places as they executed their respective moves.  Tom comments, “We’re glad that it worked out well for both of them, but we got the better end of the deal!”

Dave Kucia:  Dave is drummer extraordinaire and is a native of Cincinnati.  As a young boy he was often getting into trouble as he beat other kids with sticks until a caring teacher turned his attention to drumming.  Since then he has developed a unique style for layering complex rhythms in rock, jazz, and blues music.  Mark comments, “Dave is the only drummer in the tri-state who is equally skilled at driving the band’s rhythm and at playing Donkey Kong”.  When not playing drums, Dave is the leading Donkey Kong point getter in Southwest Ohio.  He also enjoys playing the bongos on Thursdays at the local K of C bingo night.

Tom Daugherty:  Tom is a bass player who combines a balance between harmony and rhythm not seen since Olga Korbut graced the Olympic balance beam.  Another product of the Midwest, Tom grew up in Ann Arbor where he is a proud graduate of Tappan Jr. High School.  Following detours in South Bend, West Lafayette, and Seattle, Tom found his roots and wife in Cincinnati.  Dave comments, “Tom gives new meaning to getting down on the low down, and can also play some great bass guitar!”  A multi-instrumentalist, Tom also plays guitar and sings backup vocals for Triple Dead Heat.